Practice Areas Jeffery K. Ward, Esq.

With over 40 years of experience, Idaho Falls attorney, Jeffery K. Ward handles many types of cases and has a proven track record in resolving them practically and in a timely manner.

Jeffery K. Ward handles may types of cases but his main focus is on the following types of cases:

Workers Compensation attorney, Jeffery K Ward of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Worker’s Compensation

If you are injured at work in Idaho, Jeffery K. Ward can maximize your award. Why? Because he has handled over 500 worker’s compensation cases in front of the Idaho Industrial Commission which is the government agency that oversees worker’s compensation cases.

Jeffery K. Ward knows how the Idaho Industrial Commission thinks, and he knows what works in worker’s compensation cases. In fact other lawyers in Idaho recognize his expertise and often seek his advice on their cases. 

Why do other attorney’s call Jeffery K. Ward seeking his  advice with worker’s compensation cases?  Simple, they know that he has established an expertise and knows about worker’s compensation.

Personal Injury

If you are injured in an accident, Idaho Falls attorney, Jeffery K. Ward will worry about the insurance claim so that you can manage your recovery. Here’s a sad secret, Jeffery K. Ward can negotiate a better personal injury award than you can. In fact it’s often not in your best interest to spend your own time and energy wrangling on the phone with insurance companies because in the end your award will be less.

Criminal defense attorney, Jeffery K Ward of Idaho Falls

Criminal Defense

In situations where you or a loved one is arrested, you will need the help of Jeffery K. Ward.  In criminal defense it is critical to hire the right attorney and especially one who has strong relationships with the judges and prosecuting attorneys.  Jeffery K. Ward knows and has solid relationships with the local judges and prosecuting attorneys, hence, you need Jeffery K. Ward!