Success Stories

Attorney, Jeffery K. Ward

  • Resolved over 1000 worker’s compensation cases
  • Resolved over 1000 personal injury cases
  • Successfully defended thousands of criminal defense cases.


I have worked labor jobs during the past 15 years. I was injured at work at many of those jobs. The first work accident was a severe back injury. I had hand injuries and knee injuries also. I hired Attorney Jeffery Ward after my first work comp accident and because he helped me so much I returned to him after the other work comp accidents. Mr. Ward fought for my benefits including additional medical treatments and work-loss benefits during my time of treatment and recuperation so I could provide for my family. He got my good settlements when I wasn’t able to return to my previous job because of permanent restrictions. I highly recommend Attorney Jeffery Ward
Gustavo – Shelley, Idaho
I was seriously injured in a farm accident when a tractor bucket was dropped on my head. I was referred to Attorney Jeffery Ward by a friend. Mr. Ward visited me at the hospital in Salt Lake and persuaded the insurance company to place me in the Elks Rehabilitation after my hospitalization. This allowed me to regain much of my pre-injury motor skills. My Ward tried to negotiate a total disability settlement with the insurance company since I was unable to return to work because of the brain injury. The insurance company denied the proposal. Mr. Ward filed an action before the Industrial Commission. At hearing (trial) Mr. Ward was successful and the Industrial Commission awarded me total disability benefits for life.
Annibal – Preston, Idaho
My wife and I contacted Mr. Ward upon referral from my brother. We were injured in a motor vehicle collision. Mr. Ward counseled us on medical treatment, documenting our injuries and damages and dealt with the “other guy’s” insurance company to get us a fair settlement. I highly recommend Ward Law Office. They are caring, professional and attentive to our legal needs.
James – Idaho Falls, Idaho
I first used Attorney Jeffery Ward over 35 years ago in a serious criminal charge. Mr. Ward represented my zealously and professionally. Over the past 35 years, Mr. Ward has represented my children, their spouses, my brothers, my parents, in-laws and nephews and nieces in work comp cases, criminal cases and auto accident cases, always doing a terrific job. He is more than a great lawyer, he is a trusted friend to our family.
Leo – Idaho Falls, Idaho
My son was seriously injured in a car/pedestrian accident. Attorney Jeffery Ward helped us through the intricacies of dealing with the insurance company and Medicaid. My Ward obtained the policy limit from the insurance company for the benefit of my son. Mr. Ward always communicated with me and was empathetic with me and my family. I highly recommend him for his kindness as well as his legal and negotiating skills.
Myra – Idaho Falls, Idaho