If you are injured at work in Idaho, you will likely be worried, anxious, and have a lot of questions that will come to mind.  We invite you to come into our office and meet with Jeffery K. Ward, a worker’s compensation specialist.  There is no obligation as we meet with you to learn about your situation. 

Idaho Falls attorney, Jeffery K. Ward can maximize your award as he represents you when dealing with the Idaho Industrial Commission.  This is an organization that you won’t want to take on yourself.

If you get injured at work there are some basics you will need to know:

1.    What is worker’s compensation?

Worker’s compensation is insurance that employers carry for their employees.

2.   Do I have to have special insurance in order to qualify?

No, in most cases your employer is required by Idaho law to carry this insurance for every employee.

3.   What should I do if I get injured at work?

This question is asked so frequently that we have prepared the following webpage to address the many answers to this single question.  Continue reading…

4.   What benefits are available for me?

To accurately answer this question we need to review your injury and your employment history.

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