Immigration Questions and Answers
with Jeffery K. Ward

Who can apply for DACA?

If you were brought to the U.S. before your 16th birthday, have continuously lived in the U.S. and are enrolled in school or have graduated high school.

Is it true that in order to renew my DACA permit, I have to be enrolled in school?

False, you do not need to be currently enrolled if you have graduated.

If I am a permanent resident who can I petition for?

If you are a permanent resident you can apply for adjustment of status for your children under the age of 18, and your spouse.

How long after becoming a permanent resident, do I have to wait before being able to apply for Citizenship?

In most cases you have to be permanent resident for 5 years.

When can my U. S. citizen child apply for me?

You can begin working on your application 6 months before your child turns 21. On his/her 21st birthday you may submit your application.

If I am a U.S. citizen who can I petition for?

As a U.S.  citizen you can petition for your parents, spouse, children, and siblings.

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