Personal Injury Questions & Answers
with Attorney Jeffery K. Ward

Do I need an attorney?

Well, if you have an injury and you are asking this question, you probably need an attorney.

When should I contact an attorney?

Generally, it’s important to contact my office as soon as you can, after your accident. Before the insurance company gets involved, I like to get involved. I can guide you to the doctors that are good at treating your injuries and those who will help you get back on your feet.

Should I settle with the insurance company quickly?

I don’t want the insurance companies to make premature settlements. My experience suggests that insurance companies like to settle quickly before you have a chance to know the extent of your injuries.

Consider this example: You have an injury and you are starting to feel a little better. The insurance company makes an offer that appears to be pretty good. You settle. You sign the release, but later you have more pain and you discover that you need surgery, but it’s too late.

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